DRK Kliniken Berlin

New Website for Berlin Red Cross Clinics

Several members of our team contributed in the implementation of the CMS system for the Red Cross in Berlin. During the 8 sprints of the SCRUM project, we have developed a unique system for our partner to help maintain the information available for visitors about different treatments, doctors, clinics, etc. The Vue.js framework and our own developed API will support each user by finding an apropriate facility.
The well-configured TYPO3 CMS helps for manage the huge amount of information for editor team every day.
The specialty of the project is the integrated Apache SOLR search engine for events, experts and facilities.

Apache Solr

An efficient and good search-engine that allows the visitor to easily combine experts and facilities for various treatments.


Multiple filter based on the Vue.js framework and the TYPO3 API endpoints

#TYPO3 #Apache Solr


Partner :

Agentur Webfox

Project length : 5 months

Website : https://www.drk-kliniken-berlin.de/