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New Website for Berlin Red Cross Clinics

Several members of our team were involved in the implementation of the CMS system developed for the Berlin Red Cross. During the 8 sprints of the SCRUM project, we developed a custom registry system on behalf of our partner to provide visitors with information about different treatments, doctors working in the clinics, etc. The Vue.js framework and our API help to search for the right information. 
A well-configured TYPO3 CMS helps the 7-person editorial team to maintain the huge amount of information on a daily basis. 
Another special feature of the project is the integrated Apache SOLR search engine, which was configured by our experts. 

Continuous development continued to expand the site, now using the Kanban methodology. Due to the pressure of the Covid epidemic on medical institutions, we had to make rapid and major changes to ensure that safety regulations and information on vaccinations were available to all.

After several content revisions, the entire system was upgraded to 10.4. 

In addition to expanding the existing registry system, we made several optimizations to the site. 

We updated the site to TYPO3 11.5 and started preparing for the 12.4 upgrade. 

Apache Solr

An efficient and good search-engine that allows the visitor to easily combine experts and facilities for various treatments.


Multiple filter based on the Vue.js framework and the TYPO3 API endpoints

#TYPO3 #Apache Solr


Partner :

Agentur Webfox

Project length : 4 years

Website : https://www.drk-kliniken-berlin.de/