ECE shoppingcenters

More than 120 websites, 15 languages, 7 countries


TYPO3 CMS, implemented with the help of our team, handles more than 120 websites, visited by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide every day.
Some features of the system:

  • Hundreds of editorial access worldwide
  • Frontend translated into 15 languages
  • More than 120 standalone websites
  • More than 11,000 stores
  • Managing of the opening hours and holidays
  • Registration and user accounts
  • Newsletter service
  • Webshop interface
  • App interface
  • Interactive center plans
  • Apache Solr Search
  • Managing global and local content
  • News, events, offers and coupons

Some of the websites:

Budapest Árkád
Árkád Győr
Skyline Plaza Frankfurt
Olympia Einkaufszentrum München
Alstertal Einkaufszentrum Hamburg

Apache Solr

Unique and optimized search, with keyword suggestions, weighting between hits, and built-in auto-indexing.

Interactive center plans

The center plans made with the help of Mapplic plugin allow you to find stores through multiple levels.

Custom extensions

We have also made several complex and fully customized extensions during the project.

Heavy load

The system works perfectly with the simultaneous browsing of a large number of visitors and during the active work of hundreds of editors.

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Partner :

Project length : 12+ months

Website :